Yes you can update more than 1 item at a time by using the excel upload functionality. Follow the below steps to upload

  1. You can filter items as before and click on download excel

  2. In the downloaded excel you can update the required values

  3. Click on upload excel and select the file

  4. If any validations errors occur then excel will be automatically downloaded.

  5. Check Failure column and update accordingly

  6. Certain fields in excel are locked from being edited intentionally

  7. Once uploaded changes will reflect within 5 mins on the site

  8. You can check status by going clicking on previous changes

  9. Next to each request you can see Status. Completed indicates changes are updated on site as well

  10. When you uploaded excel a few items there might not be any change. To see how many items that you requested for change are updated check the “Updated” column

  11. Click on the number of items column to see which items are updated and not update