To increase your chances of getting hired, you need to get your quote right and below are a few pointers to help.


  • Send professional responses: Put enough effort into your responses to show professionalism and hence, be taken serious. Do not send a scanty poorly thought out message without clarity.


  • Set a competitive price estimate: Make your price estimate competitive, if it’s higher than normal industry range then state why explicitly. Be clear on the specifics the price covers in order to leave no room for confusion and effectively manage the customer’s expectations.


  • Ask for reviews: Ensure you do not under deliver and try to meet expectations so you can get good reviews. Professionals with more reviews have higher chances of getting hired more than professionals with little or no reviews. This is because reviews are a major factor in the customer’s decision making process.


  • Be persistent: Don’t give up if you’re not hired on your first few tries. Improve on how to sell yourself and win customers over.  Keep experimenting e.g Having pre-written custom messages and testing them over a period of time to see what works and what doesn’t.