Using SEO on Vconnect helps to get your business found 3x faster in searches made by your potential clients resulting into more visibility, more enquiries and ultimately more sales.

To do this, you must first complete your profile by making sure you have all necessary information on your profile and then use relevant keywords; these are words or phrases that makes it easier for people to find your business when they search online.

You can determine your keywords by critically analyzing your customers and what or how you would search online if you were that customer in need of the products & services you render.

To add or update your keywords on Vconnect, simply, go to your business dashboard on , click on maintain profile and then keywords as seen below.



Add only keywords that are relevant and related to your business. If you have multiple unrelated businesses, register them separately and use keywords that are unique to them each.

Do not bunch unrelated keywords together, this is misleading and an example is adding keywords such as fumigation, laundry and boutique for a single business. Doing this reduces your business credibility, confuses the user and your business will ultimately keep appearing less in more searches till it no longer does.

Next, add suggested keywords if you choose. Read about suggested keywords here.


When you're done adding your keywords, click submit to save changes.