Follow these steps to start building your website:

From your dashboard click on ‘websites on the side menu as seen below. Next, click on “Manage Website”



After clicking on manage websites as seen above, you will be redirected to vconnectsites/editor . This is where you can either choose to publish directly with information populated from your vconnect profile or make the necessary edits.


On the side menu, each option has a sub menu for customization which are called widgets. These are;


Basic: This has widgets such as text, picture, text and more which can be dragged and dropped to where suits you on your website or click on anywhere on the current page to edit such as the header, footer etc. Choose columns for multiple columns on the current page you’re editing. Drag and drop contact form and google map to add to your contact us page.

Social: This has widgets for social media e.g facebook, twitter and the likes. After dragging the widget to the page, click on it to enter the required details such as your unique facebook or twitter link.

Media: Here you have widgets for gallery, slideshow, files , youtube and more.

Advanced: For more advanced options such as opening hours, html, or to add a QR code.

Controllers: This has widgets for columns, tabs, grids, buttons e.g to add the ‘shop now’ button as seen below etc.



Categories: This is for those who want an ecommerce store. It has widgets for products, categories and tags.

Pages: Your website comes with the Home, Gallery and Contact Us pages. However, you can add additional pages with the pages widget. You can also add a page by clicking on the ‘Home’ button and selecting ‘add page from the drop down menu or change your page layout by clicking on the ‘Layout’ button.

To edit each page, simply click on it from the menu and start editing as seen below.



Edit your site settings with ‘Settings’, change existing theme and background etc with ‘Design’, optimize each site page with ‘SEO’ and check your site statistics with ‘Statistics’.

Next, click, mobile at the top of the side menu as seen below to see how your website will look on mobile and make any desired adjustments.



When you’re done with all changes, it’s time to hit the publish button and view your website.



Note, that you can always make changes whenever you want from your dashboard.