To claim your business, follow the “Claim Business” button on your business profile. Alternatively, click this link here. The process requires you to verify your business information either through confirming with an OTP (one-time password) using your phone number, or sending a verification email to the email you registered with.


Follow the below steps:

(1) Find your business and start claim process:

a. Click on claim business on your business profile page





b. Go to and search for your business in specific location.


 Once you find the business click on Claim Now


2. You would need to login into your vconnect account (if you have already) or sign up for an account. You can also signup using google+ and facebook.


(a) For signup enter your email id and click on continue

Enter your Full Name and Password field. To be sure about your password, click on show and note it down if needed. No worries if you don't note it down.You can click on forgot password any time and change your password.

(b) If you have a VConnect account already click on "Login to Claim".

Enter your email address and password and click on Login or Login using Facebook or Google+ account.


3. On the claim page, you can decide to verify by clicking on business phone number or email id. In case details are not updated please refer step 3c


(a) Click on any of the phone numbers. This will trigger a verification code to that number. In the following screen you can enter the verification code. You can resend code (up to 3 times) in case you don't get the verification code.

After claim, you will get notification to access the dashboard or check your email id for more details (in case of sign up)


(b) In case your phone numbers are not up to date or are not receiving a verification code to your business phone number then don't worry. You can still claim by using your business email id.


Please check your spam folder for the verification mail. If you are not seeing it, try resend option to resend the email.



(c) If neither the phone number or email associated with business is valid click on "All the contact details are not correct". Enter the new phone number and email and upload any of the proof's to indicate you work or own the business:


(1) CAC Certificate

(2) Invoice with business name and new phone number or email

(3) Visiting card with business name and new phone number or email

(4) Company letterhead with business name and new phone number or email


Once you submit our team will get to verify it and once verified you will get email notification with access to dashboard. In order to avoid any rejections ensure only one of the above proofs is submitted and the proof is clear enough to take a decision.

Businesses can also head to to start the claim process.