1. After doing the search if you are not able to find the item, then click on "Add New Item" found above the search results





2. Search for the product/service name or click on navigate category structure to choose.



3. Next add image , product brand, color, type and model name followed by a detailed description of the product. You can upload up to 5 images,refer to the image guidelines by clicking on the link at any time.Images uploaded should be of size 1100 x 800 so that we allow zoom functionality on the site. This features enables users to have a proper look at the item(s) and increases the chances of the item(s) being sold.

Note that certain fields are subject to type of product chosen.



4. Enter your product's YouTube link if you have one, the product title which will be shown alongside item on Vconnect.

5. Next, fill in your price and the market price followed by the location where the listed item will be available. Your price is the discounted price at which you will be selling on Vconnect while the market price is the normal price you sell.



After all the details are filled in, click on “Submit”. The item(s) will then be placed for Quality Check.  You can find projects awaiting check under "Quality check pending listings" in Manage Store on your dashboard.

Once approved, product will be visible on your storefront.