A good profile is one which is at least 80% complete. The higher your profile completion score, the more likely your page provides the information your customers need.


To complete your profile, you’ll need to log on to business.vconnect.com and click on the drop-down menu. From your dashboard, click on ‘Maintain Profile’ to start editing.

You can also view how to improve your profile completion score. This will help you see what you have added, what is left and what score every information added gives you.


Below are the sections you will need to fill appropriately. Remember to click submit when you’re done editing each section.


Basic Details: This is where you enter your business name, description, contact details, working hours and other general details about your business.

Location Map: show your business location on google maps, making it easier for customers to find your physical address.

Keywords: Here, you’ll need to select words that are most relevant to your products & services. This will enable your business to get found when these keywords are searched for. E.g Mobile phone Repair ( if your business repairs mobile phones).
Next, you will need to structure your categories into primary & secondary. That is, Renting property may be your primary category while Selling property; your secondary category.

Gallery: Here, you upload images relevant to your business and add description. This images will appear for all to see on your Vconnect profile. Ensure the images are quality images with minimum 100kb and at least 500 x 500 pixels.

Features: This is where you choose the amenities you provide at your business location. E.g Free parking.

Working hours - Tell your customers when your business is open.

Business Email: Add your business email address for customers who would want to make enquiries via email.
Website:  Add website where users can find more information about your business.

Get 3 reviews/referrals - Customers want to know more from your past customers. Having at least 3 reviews improves your reputation, giving you a better chance of getting hired, just like your profile completion score.

You can get reviews by asking customers or friends to review you, either by email, WhatsApp or through social media (Twitter and Facebook).

The more reviews/referrals you have, the more trustworthy you are to customers.


Identity information - Uploading your identity information would earn you a trusted badge.This identity information can be a Driver's License, CAC certificate, National ID Card, International Passport or Voter's card.

After we have verified that the identity information uploaded is valid, your business will have a 'verified business' badge next to it. 

This badge helps customers know that your business has been verified by Vconnect, improving your chances of getting hired.


Additional Details: This includes other details such as company’s year of establishment, employee strength and your business social media handles.


Once you’re done making all these changes, refresh or click 'Home' to view your profile completion score.