Congratulations! Once you’re hired on Vconnect, do what you do best—deliver a great experience and make sure to mark yourself as hired to increase your chances of getting a review. Stay at the top with these tools that make getting hired faster and easier.

Here’s how:

Get reviews and references

People read reviews from other Vconnect customers to help decide whether you’re the right fit for the job or not. References increase your credibility and build customer trust.

Three ways to get reviews and references:


  • If a customer marks you as hired, we automatically request them to ask for a review.

  • Otherwise, mark yourself as hired on a customer’s project. We’ll request the customer to confirm they’ve hired you for the job and ask them to write you a review.

  • Ask for a review in a follow-up message. Messaging customers directly on Vconnect makes it easy for them to head straight to your profile and leave their review after reading your message.