Customers want quotes that meet their needs, pocket and grab their attention. New pros often send up to 12 quotes before getting hired for the first time, and those who do say they revised their quote until it worked both for them and the customer.

The best quotes are personalized, describe your skills and experience, and outline following steps.Not sure how to price your quote? You’re the expert on the value you offer and what you need to take home from each job. Keep in mind that these prices are averages and that customers don’t always hire the lowest quote. Choose whatever price works best for your business and prove your value in your quote message and profile. 

How to write a quote

Greet customers by name and show you’re a professional. See Emmanuel’s photography quote below. He shows passion for his work, shares his expertise, and briefly describes a similar project he recently completed.

Set expectations and next steps. Emmanuel’s quote below gives the customer options and encouragement to get plans rolling.

Give details about your price. Emmanuel tells the customer what’s included in his quote and the factors that affect the total price.

Hi Ayo,

My name is Emmanuel, and I would love to capture your big day! I have 5 years of experience and a photography degree from MI University. Catching the moments that make your special day memorable is what I love. My photos are natural, candid and full of emotions.

My quote covers:

–  Wedding ceremony and party photos

– Minor editing of all photos

– Beauty retouching on 10 shots of your choice

– A DVD with your images

I also offer photo printing packages and discounted rates for photoshoot sessions with your wedding day package. I’ve attached a few pictures from some of the weddings I’ve worked for so you can see the high-quality work I do.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I’d love to set up a time for an in-person consultation suitable to you.

Emmanuel Otegbayo

Emma Photography


When it’s time to price your quote, look for one or more of these options:

  • Fixed price. State the total fixed price for the job or a package deal, whichever applies.

  • Hourly rate. Provide your current hourly rate.

  • Need more info. Try as much to not use this option as customers prefer pricing details. Use this option if you don’t feel comfortable sharing a price estimate based on what the user submitted. Be specific when explaining the information you need in your message.