Your profile is a reflection of your services. Customers decide whether or not you’re the right pro for the job based on this. Introduce your services, tell them about your skills and experience by adding pictures, reviews, a brief description of your services, and more. 87% of pros hired on Vconnect had at least one picture highlighting their work and 72% of them had at least one review. Creating a great profile is an effort, but it’s worth it!


What Users Say

“Anytime I want to hire a pro, I visit their profile to know if it’s a genuine business that I can trust will do a quality job.” - Chioma Makanjuola, Ikeja


Display your Services

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Your profile MUST answer three main questions that users have:

  1. Do you have the right experience for the job? Give a few examples of your work. Get your loyal customers to share their experiences. List your relevant years in business and any training, education, or certifications. Don’t forget to upload any occupational licenses you’ve earned.

  2. Are you someone I want to work with? Show your love for what you do with pictures that reflect your passion for the job through the quality of work. Upload high-quality pictures. People should feel good about you as a professional and the service you’re about to offer them.

  3. Are you a professional I can trust? Upload your identity information and earn a ‘Verified & Trusted’ badge. Professionals with the ‘verified & trusted’ badge tend to get hired more often than those without.