Whether you’re a new business or an existing one looking for growth opportunities, Vconnect will help you connect with the right customers.


How Vconnect for Business works:

People come to Vconnect to search for local service professionals. They need to hire someone for a project – like painting a room, planning a wedding or repairing their car. We ask them for details on what exactly they want so that we can connect them with the right type of professionals.

1. We send you leads

You tell us what sort of customers you are looking for – which locations you serve in, what projects you can work on, and when you’re available. We use this info to match you with customers that fit your requirements. We’ll send you a lead which contains the customer’s project details.

2. You provide an estimated price of the project

If the lead is a customer you’re interested to attend, ‘Accept’ the lead and send an introductory message and price estimate. If you’re interested but require more details on the project, request for ‘more info’ and send an introductory message along with your questions.

3. You only pay when the customer sees your message.

The customer will look through yours and other professionals’ prices, messages, profiles and reviews and either hire someone or send a message for more information.

4. Customer responds to pros’ quotes

You can reply through your dashboard or call [at an appropriate time] to finalize the details of a job. Once you’re hired, we’ll ask the customer to review you.