The success and profitability of a business are dependent on the number and quality of its customers. This makes customer acquisition a primary concern for all businesses. In the 21st century, an age driven by Information Technology, Social Media and online activities; businesses compete to catch the attention of prospects through online adverts and content marketing. 

Adopting a proven Customer Management Solution and strategy becomes inevitable to remain profitable, to stay ahead of your competition and retain your top customers.


An address book is a directory for storing Customer’s details example; Name, Phone Numbers, Email Address etc. Omnibiz address book is an advanced version of the traditional address book. It extends the traditional use of address books to include data analysis, data verification, customer segmentation and engagement. It enables business owners to deliver unique service experience to their customers.

The Omnibiz address book presents customer information in a way that enables business owners to make meaningful and informed business decisions that subsequently enable them to deliver unique experiences and contribute to high customer retention. Statistics has it that it costs more to acquire a new customer and this makes retaining current customers a top priority for organizations.



  1. One Time Password (OTP) verification of Customer phone no. This validates the correctness of information supplied by the Customers. Consequently, the budget and time spent on sending out messages to customers are optimized.

  2. The contact book fields are customizable to meet a business unique requirement. For example, a footwear company may collect information on Customers preferred shoe brand, and size. This information would allow them to measure the metrics that matter to their business and deliver unique customer experience to their customers.

  3. Supports bulk upload of customers contact from external sources (e.g Google contacts) or existing Customer Relationship Management software.

  4. Supports bulk download of Customers contact to an Excel spreadsheet.

How to Add an entry to Address Book

1. Visit and log into your account by entering your email address and password (for those with existing accounts.)



2. After entering your login details as above and clicking login, you will be taken to your Account Dashboard




3. Click on customer management from  options  to the left of the dashboard


4. Click on customers from the sub-options of customer management


5. Locate and click on the Add button at the bottom right corner of your screen


6. Provide the Customer information in the Contact Form and click save contact when done.


7. Click on the ⋮  symbol on the right of the customer profile you wish to update to display the contact drop-down menu.



8. The drop-down menu shows contact options for the selected customer 




How to turn on One Time Password (OTP) in order to validate their phone number.


1. Click on Setting > Basic Setting




2. Turn on the Send OTP buttons(you may choose both SMS and call) to enable OTP verification of Customers 




3. Turn on Approve Contacts button to approve newly added contacts before they become active

Settings > Basic settings > Approve Contacts



How to import contacts in the address book

Go to Settings  > Import data


Click on the Type of data being imported drop-down button




Select Contacts from the Type of data being imported drop-down menu and follow the prompts. Click Save when done. (Only Excel (.xls and .xlsx) and .csv file types are supported)


Customizing Customer Contact Book

The fields on the Customer address Book are customizable; to add a custom field(s) to the Address book, contact the Customer Care on or (+234) 907 0400 695