Tasks are the follow-up activities associated with the sales and lead conversion process. These activities may include setting up an online meeting, scheduling a demo presentation for a potential client, delivering sample products to a client, etc.

The Omnibiz task module is designed to enable team members to create and assign a task(s) to self or members of the sales team and track the progress; for efficiency and collaboration.

How to View, Add, Update, Reschedule and Close Tasks 

The first step is to visit the Customer Pipeline page

  1. From the dashboard, click on the menu icon on the top right corner to display the page options

        2. Click on Customer management, then click on Customer Pipeline


        3. A prompt will pop-up requesting you to Enable GPS Access to view customer pipelineclick Enable Access

Customer Pipeline page

How to View and Update Tasks

        1. From the Customer Pipeline page, click on the date at the bottom right corner of the Lead Card whose Tasks you wish to view

        2. Click the Update button to update the Tasks

        3. Update the selected Task fields, change Follow-up Date and Time to Reschedule Tasks and click Save Task when done

        4. Click Close under Task Details pop-up notification to close the selected Task

How to Add Task to a Lead

        1. Immediately after submitting a lead form, on the success notification pop-up notice, click on + Follow up Task button

Alternatively, after submitting a lead, click + Add Task button at the bottom right corner of the lead form

        2. On the Add Task Form, provide a Title (e.g. description of the task), select activity type, choose the mode of contact, specify the next follow-up date, provide the task details (optional) and click Create Task Button

How to Update a Task

        1. Click on the options button at the top right corner of the Lead form and click on Update Task

2. Make the necessary updates and click on Save Task button