The customer acquisition process, from the point of contact to the point of conversion, is referred to as “Pipeline”.

The Omnibiz customer Pipeline module is designed to help businesses set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time-bound) sales goals. Business resources are allocated towards achieving set objectives. 

Features of Omnibiz Customer Pipeline

  1. The module feature is customizable to meet an organization need

  2. Can be used offline

  3. Has filter options for querying the sales data for timely and relevant information

  4. Lead values are assigned to prospects, this help set a collective target for a sales team

  5. Tasks can be assigned to Sales team members and task status monitored.

  6. Supports Geotagging. Check-in for confirming sales team member location

Key Benefits of Omnibiz Customer Pipeline

  1. Allow sales team prioritize their sales efforts

  2. Enable management to allocate their human resources efficiently and effectively.

  3. Enable businesses follow-up on their sales, prospecting activities

  4. Provides metrics for evaluating and improving the sales process

  5. Encourages team collaboration.

  6. Provides data for identifying and tracking factors that accelerate, inhibits the realization of sales goal

How to Customize Pipeline (Customer Pipeline settings)

  • From the Dashboard, click on the app menu icon to display product features

  • Click on Customer management

  • A prompt will pop-up requesting you to Enable GPS Access to view customer pipeline

Customize the Pipeline

The sales pipeline activities are defined by the following sub-modules:

  1. Lead source

  2. Lead type

  3. Lead stage

  4. Contact Mode

  5. Business activities


    Lead Source

This refers to the touchpoint of business with prospective clients (leads) e.g. online. 

How to customize Lead Source

  • Click on the Settings icon at the top right corner of your screen

  • Type in Source in the text field and click the Add button
  • To Delete a Source, click on the Delete Icon. To edit a source, click on the edit button, provide the required update in the Lead source field and Click Add button

    Lead Types

These are tags for segmenting the lead types e.g SME, Medium, Enterprise

How to customize Lead Types

  • Click on the Settings icon at the top right corner of your screen

  • Under Lead Types, Click on the View All/Update button

            Lead Stages, Contact Modes, Business Activities

        The lead stage refers to the level a prospect is within your sales funnel or process e.g. New, Quote Shared, Pitched, Negotiation. Contact mode refers to the channels for engaging and keeping in touch with a lead. Business activities refer to the types of activities or services a business renders to her customers. They are activities performed towards making sales or fulfilling a customer's needs. For example, an advertising company might have activities such as plan presentation, project planning, market research, etc

            How to customize Lead Stage, Contact Modes and Business Activities

  • Click on the Settings icon at the top right corner of your screen, click on 'view all/update' to make changes.


  • Click on the View All/Update button on each to update

How to Add Lead    


{A lead is a prospective customer who may have the need for your products or services in the immediate or near future. Lead value refers to the cost of the transaction you are prospecting with a lead}

  • Click on the +Add a Lead button

  • Complete the Lead details form and Click Add Lead button

        How to Change Lead Stage

  • Click on the options button at the top right corner of the affected Lead Form, select the appropriate stage

How to Add Task to a Lead

  • Immediately after submitting a lead form, on the success Notification Pop-up notice, click on + Follow up Task button

  • Alternatively, after submitting a lead, click + Add Task button at the bottom right corner of the lead form

  • On the Add Task Form, provide a Title (e.g. description of the task), select activity type, choose a mode of contact, specify the Next follow update, provide the task details (optional) and click Create Task Button

How to Update a Task

  • Click on the options button at the top right corner of the affected Lead form and click on Update Task

  • Alternatively, click on the date and time at the bottom right corner of the lead card whose task you wish to view

  • Click Update on the Update Task pop-up menu

  • Make the necessary updates and click on Save Task button

How to Reassign Lead

  • Click on the options button at the top right corner of the affected Lead form click on Reassign Lead

  • Choose the team member to reassign lead to from the Reassign Lead drop-down box and click the Reassign Lead button

Lead Summary and Sorting

  • Use the Lead Stage tabs at the top of your screen to toggle between the different Lead stages

  • The options button at the top right corner of the lead stage module gives summary details of the leads at a particular stage. It also holds commands for sorting leads by date, next activity date, lead value, and customer name

How to Apply the Lead Filter

  • Use the Lead Filter to run queries on the Leads using preferred criterium. To run a query, click on the Filter icon at the top right corner of the Customer pipeline module

  • Select the date range of your interest, specify the other criteria you want to base your query on and click on Apply button

How to View Reports

  • Select Report from the page options to display the Customer  Pipeline Report page

  • The Customer Pipeline Report page shows the Activity Summary page

  • Click on the Activity Summary command button to display other report options

  • All Report types have four (4) actions that can be executed viz download, filter, table view, and chart view.

How to Check-In

This is used for sales team members to check-in at a customer’s physical location and to confirm that the team member was at a specific place and at a scheduled time.

  • Click on the service for which you want to check-in (ensure that GPS Access is granted)

  • Click on Check-In

  • Enter Business Notes (if any) and click Submit when done