An invoice is a document that carries the details of a transaction between a buyer and a seller. It usually holds the items/services being traded, prices, quantity, and payment terms. If goods or services were purchased on credit, the invoice specifies the terms of the deal and provides information on the available methods of payment. The Omnibiz invoice module supports the creation and sharing of invoices with customers.

Why invoices are important 

  • It helps a business get paid on time.

  • It reduces billing questions by clarifying the services or products being paid for.

  • It is used for tracking sales and revenue generated over a specified period

  • Useful for Auditing and stock reconciliation purposes

  • Fosters accountability and transparency amongst the sales team

Features of the Omnibiz Invoice Module

  • It is easy to use and supports the sharing of invoices via email, WhatsApp.

  • Includes search and filter options for querying invoice records

  • Supports invoice branding with business logos 

How to create and share invoices

  1. First, access Store by clicking on the symbol on the Dashboard to display the page options

      2. Click on Order management and then click on Store from the drop-down menu

      3. A prompt will pop-up requesting you to Enable GPS Access to view customer pipeline, click Enable Access. [Omnibiz needs access so that the location or orders can be captured]

      4. Click on desired products and specify the quantity you intend to purchase from the pop-up notification. Click on the arrow on the bottom right corner of the screen to display the item details page.

       5. Click on the +Customer at the top right corner of the Store page or at the bottom of the Item Details slide-up page to select the customer you want to invoice from your address book or allow payment to be logged as Guest User.


      6. Select the required customer from the list of existing customers or use the search box to search for the preferred customer

       7. Verify the product details in your cart and click Collect when satisfied with item details


      8. The Payment Page will be displayed showing the available payment methods and the cost of the selected order. Select a payment method of choice

       9. A notification is displayed confirming a completed order and options are presented to Preview Invoice, Save customer to share invoice or Share invoice with guest

      10. Fill the new customer details form after clicking on Save customer to share invoice and click share with the customer when done


       11. Sample Invoice Preview

      12. Click the preferred sharing channel to share with the customer

How to View, Edit and Delete invoices

      1. From the Dashboard options, click on Order management and then click on Sales Orders from the drop-down menu


       2. The Invoices page will be displayed showing invoices of all previous transactions 

        3. Click on the transaction whose invoice you wish to view or click on the symbol on the top right corner of the entry of interest to view more options

       4. Clicking on the invoice card or the view invoice option displays the invoice details page as shown below. Click Share to share the invoice with customer

       5. Click the appropriate channel to share with the customer

      6. Click Edit from the invoice options to edit an invoice entry

       7. Click Save to save edited invoice or Click preview to view the changes made to the invoice in a shareable format

         8. The preview as shown below displays the edited invoice in a shareable format. Click Share to share the invoice, click Close preview to close the preview and return to the edit invoice page

       9. Click Delete to delete an invoice entry

       10. A prompt appears to confirm that the delete action was not initiated in error. Click Delete to delete the entry or Cancel to cancel the action

How to filter invoices

  1. Click on the Filter icon on the Invoice menu

       2. Specify search criteria and click Apply to query the invoices

How to search for keywords

  1. Click the search icon on the invoices page menu to open the search box

      2. Enter the relevant search keyword(s) into the search box to query the invoice entries