Is there a limit to the number of contacts I add?No, there is no limit. You can add as many as you want.

Can I bulk import my contacts at once?Yes, from the settings page, you can import data using the appropriate template. You can also import your google contacts via the 'Google Contacts' button.

Can I delete unwanted contacts from my contact list?Yes, you can remove unwanted contacts.

Can I create custom fields on the contact form?Yes, you can customize your customer registration form on Omnibiz. From the app settings, navigate to customize forms to get started.
Can I create different types of customers?Yes, you can create different types of customers. From settings, click on basic settings, then Customer settings.
Are contacts geo-tagged?Yes, contacts are saved with the location they were created in.
What does pending mean?These are contacts you are yet to approve. You can activate them from the options icon.
Can I verify contacts' phone numbers before they are added or approved?Yes, Omnibiz can help verify phone numbers via an OTP during registration.
Can I make changes to any contact details?Yes, you can always edit contacts when you need to.
Can I set permissions?Yes, you can customize the access levels of your team members.
Does Omnibiz have a desktop or mobile app?Yes, we do and it works on all devices. Please visit this page to understand how you can install it.