Can I track attendance on Omnibiz?Yes, you can. Attendance is mandatory for all users, except admins
Can I track available stock with my customers?Yes, you can. You can track stock all customers, including warehouse and shelf
How can I use Omnibiz for modern trading?Omnibiz can help you keep track of warehouse stock, shelf stock and also capture the shelf space of your products
Can I schedule plans for my reps?Yes, you can schedule plans on Omnibiz. There are three option: either schedule individually, schedule via the bulk uploader or make the app schedule automatically based on some conditions
How can I manage my distributors on Omnibiz?You can assign reps to distributors, track their sales, available stock as well as manage their orders.
Can I monitor visit productivity on Omnibiz?You can track the productivity rate of your reps, as well as the productivity rate of their plans.
Can I make custom reports on Omnibiz?Our reports are comprehensive, but should you require custom reports, we can make them available
Can I collect surveys on Omnibiz?Yes, you can. You can customize your survey form(s) and use this to collect relevant information
Can I manage order approvals on Omnibiz?You can set up permissions and have the right people manage order approvals
Can I connect Omnibiz with my ERP and accounting software?Yes, we can do integrations.
Does Omnibiz work offline?Yes, you can work offline on Omnibiz. Once online, you can upload
How safe is my data?Yes, your data is safe and secured
What happens when I decide to stop using Omnibiz?If you ever want to stop using Omnibiz, you can always download your data. We will never disclose your information