This tutorial covers how you can carry out your usual SFA activities on Omnibiz. Don't worry, it's very simple!

What We Will Cover

  • How to Start Your Day
  • How to register new customers
  • How to choose a plan
  • How to stop your day
  • How to start meetings with specific customers

How to start your day

To begin work for the day, you need to start your day on the app. From your dashboard;

1. Click on the blue Start Day button.

2. Upload a picture confirm that you are the one making the action.

3. Click Start and you will get a confirmation and more icons will show up in your key activities.

How to Choose a Beat Plan

After starting your day, you can see shortcuts to key activities you do for each day. To check out your plans for the day:

1. Click My Plan icon.

2. Click on the customer you want to meet with.

3. Click Start Meeting to start recording your activities with the customer.

4. Click on Stop Meeting when you are done meeting with the customers.

How to Start Meetings With Specific Customers

From your dashboard; 

1. Click on Address Book icon.

2. Click on the dots at the end of the customer name.

3. Click the option to Start Meeting.


1. Click on the Start Meeting shortcut.

2. Enter the customer’s name.

3. Click on Start Meeting.

How to Register New Customers

If you have a new customer you want to add to your customer list on the app;

1. Click on the Address Book icon on the dashboard.

2. Click on the Add button.

3. Fill in the Customer Details as appropriate.

4. Click on Save Customer.

How to Stop Your Day

Just the same way we started the day;

1. Click on the Stop Day button on your dashboard.

2. Upload a picture confirm that you are the one making the action.

3. Click Stop and you will get a confirmation.