What we will cover:

1. Primary and secondary sales

2. Viewing and deleting orders

Primary and Secondary Sales

Your primary sales are the main sales from the distributors while the secondary sales are sales made from the secondary customers. To view these sales orders:

  1. Click on the App Menu.
  2. Click on Order Management.
  3. Click on the Sales Orders. You will see all orders made today.
  4. Click on the Primary or secondary tabs to see each list.
  5. Click on the View All Orders button to see a list of all orders including past ones.
  6. Use the search button to search for a specific customer or a specific salesperson. 
  7. Use the filter button to sort the list by date user or organization type.

Viewing and deleting orders

At a glance, one each order, you can see the name of the customer, their location, the order amount, the salesperson that created the order, and the number of items ordered.

  1. Click on the Options button of an item on the list. 
  2. Click on View Order to view more details about the order. 
  3. Click on View Invoices to view the invoices for that order.
  4. Click on Delete Order to delete the order from the list.